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Cloud computing is a widely used form of modern technology, because software and computer hardware can be used on demand, enabling users to save on costs, increase efficiency and durability. Data distribution and recovery is also effective, saving time and energy as data centers work to achieve as part of their efficiency goals. Prime Alley, a leading provider of gold-certified cloud solutions, works as your trusted company to transfer all your important information and applications to the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

In fact, a cloud is a type of computer in which individuals and businesses rely on a third party to handle all data and computerized internet. Several businesses of all sizes often take advantage of this luxury. We at Prime Alley are here to provide a secure, efficient and awesome computer from a shared data center that you can easily access at any time.

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Benefits to Your Business

There are many benefits to the cloud service that your company can use to provide flexibility. From the high speed to the low cost, and the speed, our cloud service in Dubai, offers you many benefits. Travel benefits are one of the main reasons why thousands of businesses choose cloud services. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

Cost Efficient

Virtualized-managed IT services enable you to reduce the overall cost of your business, including a Microsoft license among others.


Through private cloud computing, you are guaranteed high security, integrity and access to all sensitive information and data.


Infrastructure upgrades can take a variety of forms. Includes computing power, communication, and storage, too.


Cloud variability in cloud computing means increased power. Let's measure your business.

Disaster Recovery

The built-in disaster recovery feature strengthens the infrastructure of a robust cloud solution.


You can choose your data and app durability.They do not roam the internet.

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Some suggestion for Infrastructure

Prime Alley offers various oversaw service choices for your innovation utilization. Your current gear can be situated on your premises or in an outsider server farm. Or on the other hand, Prime Alley  can give the foundation as a devoted private cloud, a multi-inhabitant cloud or crossbreed that is checked and overseen from start to finish.

Prime Alley Benefits


Every minute or second we watch , alert, and connection lost of IT infrastructure, application and network device


Over expert team provide all aspect cloud infrastructure up to end including the operation system.


Our engineer give you fast resolution and also solve the problems. Also support you every time at every step. Let's put your first step.


Prime Alley always chain relation with technology. That's why you will get the latest and greatest upgrades without any high costs.Because we provide best service to our clients.

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We provide all environment.

Prime Alley provides you all environments and solutions. Our expert team help you at every step so don’t worry and start your cloud journey

Private Cloud

With a private cloud services model, apps and data are made available through the organization’s own internal infrastructure.

Public Cloud

Services that a provider makes available to numerous customers over the web are referred to as public cloud services

On Premise

With a private cloud services model, apps and data are made available through the organization’s own internal infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

In a hybrid cloud environment, a private cloud solution is combined with public cloud services.