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Cloud computing is a commonly used resource-efficient approach for modern technology, because software and hardware resources can be used on demand, enabling users to save on costs, maximize efficiency and scalability. Data distribution and recovery is also being carried out effectively, saving both time and energy that data centers have been working to accomplish as a part of their efficiency objectives. Prime Alley, UAE’s leading provider of gold-certified cloud solutions, serves as your trusted company to transfer all essential data and applications of your company to the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

In essence, cloud is a type of computing where both individuals as well as businesses rely on a third party to handle all the data and computer processing through the internet. Several businesses of all sizes tend to take advantage of this luxury. We at Prime Alley are here to provide safe, efficient, and scalable computing from a shared data center that you can easily plug in to at any time.

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Benefits to Your Business

There are numerous benefits offered by a cloud service that your company can take advantage of by making a switch. From high-speed to cost efficiency, and speed, our cloud computing service in Dubai, offers you a host of benefits. The mobility advantage is one of the primary reasons why thousands of businesses are opting for cloud services. The other benefits are discussed below:

Cost Efficient

Virtualized managed IT services enables you to lower the overall costs for your business, including Microsoft licensing among others.


Through private cloud computing, you are ensured of high security, integrity and availability of all critical information and data.


An infrastructure upgrade can take several different forms. It includes computing power, networking, and storage, as well.


Cloud scalability in cloud computing refers to the ability to increase. Let's scale your business.

Disaster Recovery

The built-in disaster recovery feature reinforces the highly robust cloud solution infrastructure.


You can choose your data and application reside.They are not floating around in cyberspace.

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