Service on Demand (WAN)

Fast Your Track with Prime Alley

Businesses in the digital age are looking for network infrastructure that provides secure, flexible, and flexible communication to establish strong customer communications, protect data security and maintain their reputation while saving costs. Prime Alley’s SD-WAN is designed to support your business’s digital transformation plans by providing a smart bird-watching platform across your network as scale.

We redefine the future of network

Convert Your Customer into next level

Improve your responses to your customers and innovate quickly to address security threats.

Secure the business of your future

Use new technologies such as 5G and IoT to further your business.

Technology to enable decision better

Customize your business with automated or AI feedback.

Network agnostic

Our services provide all available communications in a complete set, making SD WAN traffic faster.

Digital Transformation

Provide visually to all internal and external digital customers. which helps to grow your business.

Global Service Provider

Our expertise extends your business around the world and brings and expands the service to each location.


Diverse network with low cost

Separate your MPLS VPN network from remote branches with our unnecessary SD-WAN services at low cost and good performance.

Instant deployment without any other cost

Save time and money by sending Etisalat’s SD-WAN to remote offices and branch locations without the help of local specialists.

Visualize your network for full control

Use a mid-level self-service portal with advanced visibility and controls, including prioritizing critical applications, reporting and shooting capabilities.

Our Service Feature:

  • Friendly on the move slowly and bring your connections
  • Zero quick touch service delivery
  • Top availability of Prime Alley Global owned by Orchestrator, Controller & Gates
  • Automatic portal with moderate visibility
  • Full SLA end support & 24/7