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With all the benefits it creates for users and providers, the changing IT landscape is also creating new concerns around security and risk management. Security threats and vulnerabilities challenge every organization today, making it a priority for companies to establish security architectures that are more dynamic, automated, and services-oriented.

From evaluating your operational processes, to implementation of defense technology, to monitoring and response, Prime Alley has your security journey covered.

Best Practices for Defeating Ransomware

Prime Alley shared best practices for defeating ransomware.

Network Detection and
Response in an Encrypted World

Experts from Prime Alley and TrendMicro discuss network detection and response in an encrypted world.

Combining innovative minds and advanced technology

Our highly experts provide a full range of security assessment services, including penetration tests, environment or application assessments, and security strategy consulting. It’s how we ensure that your organization is striking the right balance between securing your environment and enabling business.

  • Address security risks and challenges
  • Protect networks, data, users, applications, and endpoints
  • Detect security threats, exposures, and attacks
  • Respond to attacks and remediate deficiencies

Prime Alley partners with leading security and network technology manufacturers to offer the most advanced hardware and software to protect your business. Our team of experts are dedicated to one thing: improving the security posture of our customers through standards-based guidance, solutions, and services.

The Prime Alley Advantage

  • Strategic partnerships

    Partnerships with leading network and information security technology manufacturers provide us with deep expertise in their products and excellent technical support.

  • Vendor neutral policy

    Our vendor agnostic policy allows us to offer a wide array of products that meet your specific security needs.

  • Industry certifications

    With industry wide security certifications, our engineers offer exceptional technical expertise and value-added services to design, build, and run your security infrastructure.

  • Managed services

    Prime Alley offers managed services on a variety of solutions from industry leading manufacturers.

Security Spotlight

“We always accept Prime Alley’ technology recommendations because we trust them to understand the best technical way to achieve our objectives. We wanted a partner and a mentor, and that’s what we have.”

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