Cloud Calling

Simple Yet Powerful Communications

Cloud Calling integrates a business-class business service with Cisco Webex Teams. Use an impressive set of features to give customers and colleagues quick, easy and reliable access to people who need them, pick up and make calls from anywhere, and free your IT team from the burden of day-to-day phone management.

What's Include

Powerful PBX System

Best Cloud Calling Features

Virtual Bot Assistant

One Click Management

Simple Messaging Controller

Create Your on Future

Intuitive Collaboration for All

Prime Alley Cloud Calling includes Webex Groups, which allows you to send messages individually or with a group. Share ideas, files and easily search for the information you need. You can start face-to-face video conferencing and screen sharing to speed up your decision making. You will have instant access to the people, data, and tools you need to produce, anywhere, anytime. To further improve collaboration, add Webex sessions.

Best for competition

Prime Alley Cloud Calling provides tangible benefits that improve your business. This service is hosted securely in the Cisco cloud, reducing the complexity and cost of managing the internal PBX. With powerful collaborative features, you can increase productivity, provide mobility and efficiency. Webex teams, integrated with VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling, promote collaboration and innovation with a persistent space for meeting, chatting, file sharing and white board.

Handle by CISCO

Your services are managed by CISCO which provides your flexibility, flexibility, reliability and availability of the cisco global cloud service. Cloud Calling reduces your costs and kicks your business in the right direction.

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