Data Management

Save your business Data

Prime Alley Data Management Service (DMS) continues for 10 years of work developing industry-leading and reliable data services that are independent of both data and technology providers.

Prime Alley provides a comprehensive service, fulfilling all of your organization’s data needs including acquisition, verification, optimization and customized data delivery across your organization, equipping various business users with the information and details they need to be successful.

Key Solution

Data Management

Prime Alley operates with two Data Center separated by distance and connected via state-of-the-art fiber-optic connectors, offering high availability and unique regional Disaster Recovery capabilities. We offer a variety of solutions within our private cloud model and provide your infrastructure and storage where needed.

Application Support

Insufficient monitoring and tracking tools and lack of technology make it difficult to effectively manage critical business plans. We provide world-class applications and services to our customers. We manage your apps so you can focus on running and growing your business.

End User Computing

Managing the workspace is a complex challenge, especially when your user base is spread across many remote locations. We provide work-based services that greatly improve data management, productivity, processes and security throughout your company, ultimately saving up to 40% on annual support and maintenance costs.

Technical Support

Technical support is no longer a viable task. To keep your business running and employees productive, you should anticipate problems and put systems in place to minimize the impact. That requires an efficient, knowledgeable approach based on predictable analytics. We have a complete portfolio of maintenance and technical support services for businesses around the world.

Other benefits Include

Configure data management with real-time simulation, enrichment and data delivery.

Upgrade your accounts by comparing D&B’s 300M company database

Prevent future data quality issues when installing any programs

Get one idea for your accounts and reduce the time you spend keeping records

Our Storage partner also provide Data Management

We manage a storage solution built to build strong partnerships.

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