Improving patient outcomes with technology and innovation

Driving secure patient engagement

The need to “bring your device” and “required health care” means that organizations need to establish all the continuous digital care to protect, facilitate and improve patient engagement.

Prime Alley Cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Network as the Service (NaaS) solutions, as well as the Prime Alley Application Services team’s expertise in integration applications, provide the health organizations for the omni-channel communications technology needed meet this need. Whether inside or out, our solutions enable patients to receive care by phone, email, video, website, app – or all of the above – wherever and whenever they need you with tools such as:

  • Online appointment planning and reminders
  • The hospital or office visits checkpoints and applications
  • Wayfinder requests to tell you where you should be
  • The most sought-after video selection
  • What to wear to monitor daily health metrics

Personalizing how patients experience care

Understanding how patients want, when, and where health care is essential for modern health organizations striving to simplify quality care. Electronic medical (EMR) systems have been around for a decade or more, but organizations are beginning to get into information that is often offline.

To translate EMR data into contextual, feasible, and predictable data to help organizations solve problems and achieve better patient outcomes, our Application Services team specializes in assisting organizations:

Integrate call center and collaboration systems with third party applications

Unify disparate applications and digital tools for a holistic view of EMR data

Build custom applications for both legacy and cloud-native environments

Optimizing clinical business and IT operations

As a result of the recording of the record of the work of integration and access to health care many organizations are struggling to integrate asset infrastructure and network repairs to meet modern digital challenges. One solution, Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) from Prime Alley, enables organizations to install multiple network structures without the cost and complexity of large network configurations.

Contact a healthcare IT expert at Prime Alley

Contact a healthcare IT expert at Prime Alley