Hosted Unified Communication (UC)

Let's Easy your Cloud Communication

With UC, your employees can access your communication and collaboration programs from a single central hub. As a result, they can send instant messages, start video chat, share files, and much more, all via a single interface. This makes it easy to connect with real-time colleagues and switch between different communication tools and business applications instantly. No need to open a new app or switch to a different device.

What's Include

Video conferencing and broadcasting

Audio conferencing via VOIP,fixed line

Web conferencing through virtual

Screen sharing and file sharing

Live chat and SMS messaging

Virtual assistants to help with admin

Key Benefits

The main advantages of integrated communication are flexibility, ease of use, and cost savings. There is no need to make big initial investments in developing and deploying a platform. Instead, you pay an ongoing service fee. Also, it is easy to add services with a cloud-based solution.
However, some companies prefer an integrated communication solution. In this case, all the hardware is stored on site, which can include racks, power supplies, and cooling systems to manage the virtual PBX phone system. For large organizations that prioritize a bespoke solution and already have a lot of IT resources that will help with refinement and improvement, a leading UC would be a good fit.

Increased productivity with more efficient workflows

With one central communication hub, including both real-time, or synchronization tasks, as well as non-email and fax communications, employees do not have to spend time moving from one tool to another. This saves time and allows users to focus on performance rather than managing multiple connectors and devices while interacting.

More agility and scalability

Another major benefit of UC, especially for integrated communications, is agility. As your business grows, it changes the work format or location, or in some way, your communication solution can adapt to the needs of your business. For example, you can easily add users or integrate new business applications as needed. Because our UC solution is designed to be accurate, and easy to ride for new employees.

Better reliability

With Connected Connections as a service, your systems are hosted on external servers. This means that, as long as you have an internet connection, your employees can access the communication tools they need. With a seamless switch, they can quickly switch to another tool if a person encounters problems temporarily. For example, if a user encounters a technical problem with the video conference tool, he or she can send messages to other users by sending messages and switching to an audio call.

Improved customer service

The benefits of integrated communication solutions extend to customers. With UC technology, it is possible to integrate the solution with social media. Then your employees can interact with customers in real time on your favorite customer channel.

It also gives your employees more ways to communicate with customers. Depending on the customer’s preferences, you can chat, email, call, or send a video message. When you integrate your UC solution with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, your customer service representatives can view purchase and purchase records, making it easier to deal with any customer concerns quickly.

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