Connecting the modern student through technology

Learning and collaborating securely outside the classroom

Modern schools and universities need state-of-the-art technology to meet the ever-increasing communication and collaboration needs of their students, faculty and administrators. In fact, with the rise of high school campuses or universities, as well as online learning programs, education is no longer limited to the classroom.

Prime Alley offers a number of solutions to meet these challenges, including student data acquisition, voice communication and network integration and customization – all in a cloud-based environment that reduces costs, scale requests, responds quickly to emergencies and meets the changing needs of today’s student.

Cloud-enabled solutions free up IT resources for critical initiatives

IT teams at K12 wear a lot of hats. From technical assistance in the classroom to managing a wide range of regional activities, it is a daily act of balance. Learn how the cloud enables regional IT teams to become as fast and flexible as the students they serve, even in the face of unexpected emergencies. The cloud offers many advantages including low cost, fast testing, pay-as-you-go use, and no visible management infrastructure.

In the case of a university, accounting, retention, and information services help IT teams build secure areas for critical equipment applications, freeing them to focus on student achievement. Scale services to meet higher use times, including registrations or graduation events.

Contact an education IT expert at Prime Alley

Contact an education IT expert at Prime Alley