Communication is the powerful tool of business

The Future is Here! Are You?

The telecommunications industry has created an unprecedented segment of new technological innovations. Cloud-based products and services continue to hit the industry in the head, putting you in control. These solutions enable your company to use the latest features and capabilities, which are very easy to use and very expensive. Discover explosive growth through a proven business model and a cloud service platform that allows companies like yours to use high-quality software and services such as Pged Bomb and VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, and more.

What Makes Prime Alley the Clear Choice?

That’s what you get from us out of the box. Easily accessible by any modern web browser or mobile device, our rich platform helps improve your communication, simplify your business processes, and increase your growth and success. In addition, our customer support is second to none, and our experienced support team strives tirelessly to compete and win, and is heard to do well.
As your needs grow and change over time, so do our characteristics and abilities. Endless, flexible, and reliable, our cloud communication platform is a testament to the future, so you can focus on your business, and know that your communication solution will always be relevant and competitive.

Features and Benefits

Configuration Flexibility

Our reliable, rich mobile services are tailored to your needs. We make it easy for our customers to use the communication apps and solutions needed by your business, making the office experience right in your hands, wherever you are on any device you choose. Common features include: full call center skills, listen live, find me and follow me and more.

Business Continuity

You are about to end your business downtime if your local area network (LAN) or broadband network (WAN) goes down. Your communication solution is still in place in our cloud space, so your customers, vendors, and employee calls can continue to flow. A good disaster recovery plan will help your business in good times and bad.

Mobility Mastered

Travel is very important in today’s business world. Keep your company connected to a multitude of mobile features — from cloud extensions, find me, group, and simultaneous ringtones, voicemail to email, and much more. Everything is designed to help you run a business anywhere on any device.

Customer Tested

Our products and services are tested by customers, and approved – we have empowered many businesses to improve their communication skills easily, and effectively, to turn their business into a competitive powerhouse. With a full range of front and back office features, you can easily relax knowing that your business is being cared for, now and in the future.

Supportive Staff

We are here to support your business at all levels with our ever-present, competent and professional support team. We will assist you with your specific needs and concerns, while providing you with customized customer support that you will not find elsewhere.

Extra Benefits from prime Alley

Simple and Secure

Cloud Control

Save Money

Increase Productivity

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