Data Protection Service

Let's save your data

Lost or lost information is one of the most common ways organizations deal with bad luck, and it is one of the most damaging to your image and main concern. Data Protection Management Management from Premier Alley covers each critical component of a successful reinforcement and disaster recovery plan, ranging from planning, planning, testing and documentation.

We handle data protection for backup and restore

Disaster as a service

A resilient humanitarian disaster recovery plan that makes your creative climate a natural geological recovery environment located in the Prime Alley office.

Backup as a service

The Prime Alley, a non-optional targeted information enhancement program, has been tested and attempted to acquire refresher capabilities in the event of an important episode.

Managed Data Protection: Offload the burden of risk

  • Customized strategy test support to help map your current topology and create a roadmap to meet your defense strategies
  • Managed data management from your branch offices to your central headquarters
  • Back up offline data from your central headquarters to the Prime Alley secure location
  • Backing up offline data from your central headquarters to the Microsoft Azure public cloud with minimal and low cost
  • Managing disaster recovery for the purposes of a customized recovery period and the purpose of a recurring point to achieve your business objectives and budget

Audited. Tested. Proven.

Prime Alley maintains the following key certificates to help you meet your legal and industry needs.



SOC2 Type II






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